Independent Operators

Private Funding for Passionate Chefs and Restauranteurs - Due to our status as a top restaurant consulting firm in San Diego and Southern California, we have relationships with private investors seeking to make investments in the restaurant space. We will meet with your team, review your business plan and pro-forma, prepare you for presenting and attempt to match you up with an investor.

Concept Development and Execution - We will meet with you and access your business plan and pro-forma. If you do not have one, we will point you in the right direction. We take you through the opening sequence from site selection through your 60th anniversary party. We will help you align your concept from the beginning with Best Practices for concept development through opening execution.

A Good Listener - It can be a lonely place to be a restaurant owner. There are times that there is no one to talk to; no one really interested in empathizing with the owner. If you are in that position, we are happy to sit with you, listen to establish your true needs and point you in the right direction.